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Get to know Pariya Haad Yuan


Pariya Haad Yuan was built from 2003 to 2006. This is an absolute hideaway beach resort. During construction there was no road, no electricity, no water supply, no satellites, and no phone signal. That’s why it took us 3 years to complete the 40 villas..
After the completion, some people doesn’t like the style we built, many do though. That depends on the individual’s taste. However to us, we just wanted this unique resort to be a very simple but most comfortable one! Major area of the resort is made from polished cement and blended with the tropical rain forest; some people may call it concrete in the jungle! But we call it a cozy boutique BARE FOOT RESORT! THE BEACH ESCAPE.

Let’s be very frank, for those who prefer ultimate luxury, Pariya Resort & Villas is NOT for everyone. It’s very quiet, tranquil so there is no seven eleven, there is no night club as in Chaweng, Samui or Pa-Tong, Phuket. Again we need to emphasize “Pariya Haad Yuan” may not for you! Here we run electricity by generators 24 hours, thus sometimes we do need to switch the generator from one to another, this may cause you little bit of inconvenience. While we are also taking water from the waterfall up on the mountain about 5 km. from the resort (Good for a tracking up there!), we run our hot water by solar cell, and we use the telephone + internet + TV, everything by satellites. In this case we may request you to help us to save this value energy. At times throughout the day and during your stay.

To access “Pariya Haad Yuan”, now there are two ways.
1.By boat -where you will be accessing the resort by the beach (Main Entrance). Yes! If you are a beach lover, “ Pariya Haad Yuan ” is the place ! it is a barefoot resort where you can forget what’s happening in the outside world . This resort is just for you, the beach, and very local bungalow, plus new friends you will make, a beach that you will always remember.

2.By road, I do have to tell you, as we just cut the road in to the resort, mostly the road is utilized during November to March, on someday where accessibility by boat is not possible as the wave are rough. That’s when you experience the 4x4 off road! Yes, another adventure to put in your holiday snaps all the way to Pariya Haad Yuan by the bumpy, high and steep road, you may enjoy with the tropical rain forest, fantastic sea view, flock of monkey, deer, etc. Journey takes about 30 minutes then you will reach the back door of the resort and need to walk down to the lobby located on the beach front.

I need to emphasize again that “Pariya Haad Yuan” The Beach Escape is not designed with luxury in mind; this place is just a small cozy boutique beach resort on Yuan Beach, Koh Phangan. So remember.
1.There is no seven eleven! What we have is just a small local shop on the beach.
2.Sometimes you may get wet, if you transport by boat. So get things protected from water.
3.From Rin Beach, The Full Moon Party Beach to Yuan Beach, sometimes you may face rough waves, especially during November to March, if you travel by boat. Thus recommend only those who prefer a small short trip of sea adventure. If not recommend you travel by road.
4.Don’t expect road condition like in the big city. Please imagine the worst road you have ever experienced before take a 4x4 drive to Pariya Haad Yuan, Then have FUN!
5.We have many step of the walkway in Pariya Haad Yuan, that’s something we cannot change either. If a steep climb may be out of the question then ask for the availability of the room near the beach and restaurant. As said if you are a natural lover!
6.This is a tropical beach resort! Recommended for those who are beach lovers.
7.No motorbike or a car for rent here!
8.Please check the photo’s on our website first before making your decision. Because it is the truely experiences you are going to have in, “ Pariya Haad Yuan, The Beach Escape ”
9.Don’t forget leave your shoes in your bag “ You won’t need them here ”

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Pariya Haad Yuan, The Beach Escape

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